Alison Wonderland racks up some serious beats on her debut Run

There’s not too much that can make my 45 minute drive to uni enjoyable. I generally loathe the experience. But this Monday was a little different as I pumped tracks off Alison Wonderland’s new album Run. The deep beats definitely woke me up and the pounding bass took some of my focus and boredom away from the uninteresting kilometres of empty highway between me and my destination. Although… I’m not too sure how much of my attention was left on the driving part, I’m not a great multi-tasker.*

Alison Wonderland

Sydney’s Alison Wonderland delivers the goods with Run.

U Don’t Know (featuring the legendary Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips) is currently making an appearance on triple J’s The Hit List. The endless heavy beats and spacey sounds throughout the song teamed with Wonderland and Coyne’s soft and beautiful voices make for a real trippy song. With Coyne being one of the planet’s biggest trippers it’s not surprising this track is a bit out there.

I Want U has a similar feel to U Don’t Know, with real heavy and up-beat sounds. There are so many unusual sounds in this track and that’s what keeps it so interesting. It is constantly changing throughout the three and a half minutes, and each time you listen to it you pick up some background sounds that you missed the first couple times. And that drop! Wow. It leads into some pretty funky beats and sounds, then Wonderland’s vocals take over and it feels like you’re back in reality. Then boom, the beat drops again and totally takes over your brain.

Run has a bit of a darker edge to it, even Wonderland’s vocals have a bit of a menacing vibe to them. This track boasts some fast and jolting beats mixed up with some softer and more dragged out sounds, once again creating a spacey and trippy atmosphere.

Back It Up has to be one of the swaggiest tunes ever. From the get go it’s in your face, and with a huge beat drop after just five seconds, relentless heavy beats and the repetition of the lyric “Back It Up”, it’s a real ‘shake yo booty’ track. There are some real mechanical sounds featured on this, with a couple parts sounding like someone is banging on a metal trash can lid. At only two minutes and fourteen seconds, there is so much packed into it, but not too much that it becomes overbearing, so this short and sweet track is definitely my favourite on Run.

Alison Wonderland is taking her magic to the USA until May 16th, and then will be back in her homeland for a national tour, the Wonderland Warehouse Project 2.0 where you’ll be able to get funky in a sea of sweaty bodies, so I’ll see you there yeah?

*Ed. Happy is not liable for any multi-tasking mishaps caused by listening to music.