PREMIERE: Better than a Snickers, Hey Frankie will chill you out with Road To Nowhere

There’s nothing like a bit of space, whether it be after a long day, week or month, from the rush and hustle-bustle of city life. Especially with summer looming on the horizon, there’s nothing better to set your spirt free than a long road trip into the middle of nowhere… no internet, no phone reception, no worries.

Melbourne five piece Hey Frankie are back to take us on a trip with their brand new track Road To Nowhere, which is the great combination of soul, funk and electronica. It’s smooth enough to make you melt, yet upbeat enough to make you want to pack up your stuff, rent a combie and hit the road in the hot summer sun.

Hey Frankie road to nowhere

Alluring vocals? Check. Funky vibes? Check. A lick of electronica? You beauty. Hey Frankie’s Road To Nowhere is the nonchalant road trip to put your mind at ease

Road To Nowhere starts off as a mellow, jazz inspired tune that oozes a beautiful soul feel as soon as Jess Palmer’s vocals set in and remain as the focal point of the track. With lyrics like “Don’t leave me alone on this road to nowhere, I might find that there’s no way of ever coming back”, vivid imagery sets in, whether it be of an open road through the desolate, red soiled outback, or a winding, oneway road over looking the crashing waves of the coast line.

As the track gains momentum the electronic influences kick into gear. Although they are subtle they come through underneath the jazz and funk sounds to produce an upbeat, infectious tempo. Despite the fact there are so many influences and contrasting sounds that build up through the song, there is never a moment where it feels cluttered or too busy. There is a sense of calmness and space that remains throughout the entirety of the track. There are some striking synth undertones that shine through beautifully and add to the layered, yet laid back nature of the song.

Teamed with the twisting turns between the mellow, laid back vibes and the cheery, more upbeat sounds, Road To Nowhere will send you off on a journey that will make you forget about the fast-paced, constantly busy world we are so often consumed by. Worth a listen!