ALLIPHA chats her new single and musical vulnerability

If you haven’t already listened to ALLIPHA’s new single I Don’t Miss You, stop what you’re doing at go listen to it now. The song is an epic, danceable slice of pop-funk magic.

So, fresh off its release, we caught up with the artist herself to chat all about it, musical influences, and what to expect from the rest of 2019.

Hot off the release of her epic latest single I Don’t Miss You, we caught up with Melbourne-based artist ALLIPHA for a chat.

HAPPY: Hey Elle, how’s it going? What are you up to at the moment?

ALLIPHA: Hello! It’s going super good! Right now I’m getting ready for tour with lots and lots of rehearsals.

HAPPY: I Don’t Miss You is red hot! How’s it feel to put it out to the world?

ALLIPHA: Thank you! Honestly this one feels really great. My last two singles I’ve been an absolute wreck and I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe because it’s revealing such an intimate vulnerable part of yourself for the world to hear. But this time around I’ve felt so chill. I’m really proud of this one and don’t have any expectations.

HAPPY: I can imagine it would be a crowd favourite with no trouble getting the dance floor cooking.

ALLIPHA: It definitely is. I’ve got a small group of people that come to every show and my favourite part is seeing their faces light up when it hits the I Don’t Miss You section, because it’s so easy to grab onto.

HAPPY: How important is danceability when writing a song?

ALLIPHA: It’s not huge for me. I think it’s what I naturally gravitate toward but I write around a riff that makes me feel good. It’s always just if I get a feeling about it while I’m writing it.

HAPPY: Were there any particular artists you were listening to that inspired I Don’t Miss You?

ALLIPHA: I was listening to a loooooot of SZA at the time. Particularly the Calvin Harris remix of The Weekend. Soooo funky, she’s got sick melodies.

HAPPY: Are there any female frontwomen that inspired your sound and passion?

ALLIPHA: Joss Stone was huge. Mum used to play her around the house so I think she’s just always been there. She has so much soul in her voice and the instrumentation is always groovy. Then there’s Florence Welsh too. She showed me to embrace the voice I had unapologetically.

HAPPY: Why does funk music particularly appeal to you?

ALLIPHA: It just makes me smile, it feels so bloody good. I love folk music too, I have lots of folk songs I’ve written but they don’t make me feel as connected to audiences when I play them live.

HAPPY: Are you excited to head out on tour?

ALLIPHA: SO excited. I was really nervous about it for a long while just because I wasn’t sure I’d be ready and there’s so much work to be done. But everything is finally starting to come together and I have an amazing team working on it with me. Gonna be so FUN.

HAPPY: Who is your ideal show if you could support any artist at any concert?

ALLIPHA: Anderson .paak. Far out I would die a happy lady. He changed my direction completely.

HAPPY: What does the future look like for ALLIPHA?

ALLIPHA: Looking pretty bloody jam packed for the rest of the year. So many things I still haven’t shown you for 2019 yet.