The 5 new albums you should be spinning today

As with every Friday in the music biz, there are a ton of new albums, singles, videos, EPs, and more out to the world. Somehow though, today just feels extra special.

We’ve got surprise new music from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, some damn fine Australian pop, new albums from a few indie legends, and more. Dive into it all with us below.

nick cave ghosteen new albums
Photo: Red Hand Files

Not sure which new albums to blast today? We’ve got you covered with releases from Nick Cave, Bec Sandridge, Angel Olsen, and more.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Ghosteen

Last week we were pleasantly surprised when Nick Cave on his blog of all places – announced a brand new Bad Seeds album named Ghosteen. No single, no official press, just “it’s coming out next week”. 

The double album is, as always, a visceral listen. Cave’s voice and prose are ephemeral, almost religious, most often backed by dulcet piano melodies and a gospel choir. Every release with his name on it comes with a massive level of expectation, yet somehow he never disappoints.

Bec Sandridge – Try + Save Me

After years as a rockin’ Australian favourite and an absolutely phenomenal EP in 2016, Bec Sandridge has finally revealed her debut album Try + Save Me, and it does not disappoint.

The production is big, the lyrics are worth digging into, and the choruses will have you singing along, hands in the air. Sandridge will also be embarking on a national tour throughout October to celebrate the release – grab your tickets here.

Holiday Sidewinder – Forever or Whatever

Speaking of damn fine home-grown pop, here’s Holiday Sidewinder and her debut album Forever Or Whatever. After a string of bright and sensual singles the album certainly delivers; it’s powerful, no-holds-barred pop with panache in spades.

Dip your toe into Forever Or Whatever below.

Angel Olsen – All Mirrors

Ever since her debut LP Half Way Home in 2012, Angel Olsen’s output has been prolific and consistent. Hitting almost bang-on two albums per year, anyone could have predicted 2019 would herald her next LP, but I doubt anyone knew just how great it would be.

All Mirrors is a rollercoaster of high, low, rise, fall, happiness, sadness… just about every point on the emotional spectrum. Dance away in your bedroom or cry it out between a pair of headphones – in this case, either is appropriate.

Wilco – Ode To Joy

It’s hard not to like Wilco. They’ve been around for a hot minute now and it’s to the point that when a new album drops, you kind of know what to expect. But it never means you won’t like it, or even that they’re boring.

Rather, each new record is like an extra layer of paint upon a beautiful piece of art. With each record their appeal and intricacy grows, and Ode To Joy is just the latest in a long line of damn near perfect records from the group.