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Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Birthed from the ashes of The Birthday Party, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are a critically acclaimed rock band who formed in Melbourne in 1983.
The experimental outfit consists of vocalist and lyricist Nick Cave (1983–present), violinist and multi-instrumentalist Warren Ellis (1997–present), drummer Thomas Wydler (1985–present), bassist Martyn P. Casey (1990–present), percussionist and keyboardist Jim Sclavunos (1994–present), guitarist George Vjestica (2013–present), and pianist Larry Mullins (2015–present).
They released 17 studio albums, the most recent being Ghosteen (2019). They are frequently hailed by critics and fans as rock innovators with various masterpieces being cited as: Tender Prey (1988), Let Love In (1994), Murder Ballads (1996), The Boatman’s Call (1997).