Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds are dropping a double album… next week

Nick Cave has been taking to his website The Red Hand Files to answer questions from fans from all around the world. Fans have seen him open up about many topics from past lovers to spirituality, his favourite musicians and unconventional politics.

In an absolutely massive surprise, Nick Cave has answered another fan question, dropping a bombshell on us in the form of a new Bad Seeds double album, Ghosteen

What makes the announcement from Cave even more exciting is that the new double album, Ghosteen, will be released in just one week’s time. 

We know that Nick Cave has been working on this album for a while, as about a year ago his wife revealed that he was working on the follow-up to 2016’s Skeleton Tree in a blog post. Joe, a fan from the United Kingdom, took to the Red Hand Files and innocently inquired: “When can we expect a new album?”

We are sure that Cave caught everyone off guard when he posted this response: 

“Dear Joe,
You can expect a new album next week.
It is called Ghosteen.
It is a double album.
Part 1 comprises of eight songs.

The Spinning Song
Bright Horses
Waiting For You
Night Raid
Sun Forest
Galleon Ship
Ghosteen Speaks

Part 2 consists of two long songs, linked by a spoken word piece.


The songs on the first album are the children.
The songs on the second album are their parents.
Ghosteen is a migrating spirit.
Love, Nick”

If one thing is sure, fans must be shaking with anticipation after hearing this news. Get prepared to feast your ears on the dark and sultry sound of Nick Cave like you have never heard before in just one week!