Star Wars-themed metal band Galactic Empire are coming to Australia

If you don’t know who Galactic Empire is, can you really call yourself a true Star Wars fan? 

Well if you don’t know, they’re a band who have decided to dress up as the bad guys from Star Wars and perform heavy metal versions of the franchise’s iconic theme songs.

Galactic Empire
Photo: Galactic Empire

And now, Galactic Empire have announced that they will be heading down under for their first ever Australian tour!

They’ll be performing metal versions of John Williams’ classic score. Expect the most ruthless covers of Imperial March and Duel of Fates you’ve ever heard – probably the only metal covers of these songs you’ll ever hear – with the group’s slashing guitars and drums doing more damage to your ears than any lightsaber ever could. 

While the band will be playing at venues in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and the Gold Coast this November, they will also be performing live at the Adelaide and Brisbane instalments of pop culture convention Supernova. 

What better combination than killer music and our favourite sci-fi film series? Featuring Boba Fett on drums, a Stormtrooper on bass, a Shadow Trooper and Imperial Guard on guitar, and a typically brutal Darth Vader in the very fitting role of lead guitar, Galactic Empire are here with force and will be shredding like nothing this system has seen before.