Star Wars: A New Hope soundtrack to be reissued on vinyl, complete with rotating Death Star holograms

A new box set version of the Star Wars: A New Hope soundtrack has been announced to commemorate the film’s 40th anniversary.

A remastered soundtrack pressed to three vinyl discs, and there will be a goddamn rotating hologram of the Death Star on side A of the third. Reissue of the week? Reissue of the week.

star wars episode IV A New Hope vinyl box set

Star Wars fan? Celebrate the 40th anniversary of A New Hope with a new box set, packed with a ton of tasty features and even a holographic disc.

Composed by John Williams, the Episode IV score would win the Oscar for Best Original Score in 1977 and go on to become one of the most recognisable soundtracks of all time.

The box set also includes a 48-page hardcover book, featuring rare photography from the film’s set and two essays based upon the soundtrack by Jeff Bond and Jeff Eldridge.


Main Theme
Imperial Attack
Princess Leia’s Theme
The Desert and the Robot Auction
Ben’s Death and TIE Fighter Attack
The Little People Work
Rescue of the Princess
Inner City
Cantina Band
The Land of the Sandpeople
Mouse Robot and Blasting Off
The Return Home
The Walls Converge
The Princess Appears
The Last Battle
The Throne Room and End Title

Via NME.