Nick Cave donates a pair of sparkly Gucci socks to help fan save venue


A pair of sparkly socks may well just save the day for a UK venue that has suffered economic hardships due to the coronavirus pandemic. What a world we live in.

Nick Cave has donated the socks off his very own feet in order to help a fan save a venue from closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. And let it be known, these are not just any socks. They’re sparkly Gucci socks.

The venue in question is a 200-capacity music venue/pub/club called Trinity, located in Harrow, north London.

nick cave sparkly gucci socks

Operating on two floors and decked out with gothic decor, Trinity has been open for 25 years, with the aim of  bringing “a bit of Camden into the suburbs” and promoting live music in an “unpretentious yet safe and friendly atmosphere.” The venue has served as the stomping ground for numerous artists including Kate Nash, Bombay Bicycle Club, and more.

Back in March, the manager of Trinity, Chris Perdue, set up a crowdfunding campaign in order to save the venue after it wasn’t able to qualify for Government support. Since then, Trinity has also become involved in a campaign run by Music Venue Trust, called Save Our Venues, which aims to raise funds to save over 400 grassroots music venues in the UK.

However, recently Perdue, who is a big Nick Cave fan, was surprised by friends who had also created an auction and rallied together Nick Cave superfans from all over the world to donate rare merchandise, with all proceeds going towards Trinity. After also reaching out to Cave’s Red Hand Files blog, Cave personally contacted them and offered up a pair of his famous socks.

Accompanying the socks is a hand-drawn sign which reads: “This pair of sparkly socks officially belong to Nick Cave and are worth a fucking fortune.”

nick cave sparkly gucci socks
Pictured: Nick Cave’s sparkly Gucci songs and accompanying hand-drawn sign.

The auction is kicking off today, June 4. For more details, and to check out the other items, head to the Facebook group. You can also donate to the #SaveOurVenues crowdfunder here.