Although Loon Lake are getting ready to bid farewell, they’re not quite done yet and release new single

Loon Lake recently shared the news that they will be calling it a day as a band and will be setting off on one final tour in October and November. In one last offering to fans, after the band has spent a lot of time writing, producing and recording in 2015, they will be sharing one final collection of songs, that will be released independently at the end of September.

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After releasing the single Just Now back in May, today Loon Lake shared one of these singles, Radiator. Front-man Sam Nolan explained “I wrote all these verses about different girls I had met over the years, funny little stories about them and put it together to make it into one imaginary girl.” 

After their Final Wave Tour received overwhelming support, a second Melbourne show has been added to their roster, which will go down on Thursday November 12 at the Iconic Corner Hotel. All tour and ticket information can be seen here.