Ana de Armas confesses her anxiety about playing Marilyn Monroe

In a new interview, Ana de Armas discusses her anxiety about playing Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming Netflix film, Blonde.

During a recent interview with Empire, Ana de Armas opened up about the anxiety she experienced whilst portraying the character of Marilyn Monroe during the filming of Blonde, which will be released via Netflix on September 28.

Directed by Andrew Dominik, the film is said to focus on Marilyn Monroe’s life, fame and struggles during her majorly-successful career as a ’50s and early ’60s actress, singer, model, sex icon and “blonde bombshell.”

Ana De Armas
Credit: Twitter via Netflix

On playing the role, Ana de Armas said, “I was insecure about my voice, about the accent, about the choreography, about working with American actors who know her better than me, everything!”

The Cuban actress continued, “All of that was exactly what she would be feeling. So it was incredible. Even though it seems like everything was very sad, and a lot of crying and traumatic things were going on, we had a great time.”

In addition to her anxieties helping her relate to the character, de Armas also touched on the fact that she was provided with tons of material to draw from, whilst refining her portrayal of Monroe. “Andrew gave us a bible of 700-and-something pictures,” she explained, referring to a collection of black-and-white images sequenced to illustrate the film’s presentation. “The whole movie was in this bible, picture by picture, every scene.”

She continued, “That’s the relation between the black-and-white and colour; it’s because of the pictures, it’s not random. You want the audience to immediately engage, even in their subconscious, to something that they’ve already seen, and get them into the story.”