ANCRIP – Collect

Picture a hot blaring summer’s day in Perth. Temperatures reaching 40 degrees. Baby faced producer Jonus, waits by the train station with a field recorder in hand, waiting to capture that perfect moment – the sound bite of a distant train rushing through.

The balance between distance and sound needs to be just right – meaning failed attempts would result in waiting another 20 minutes in the heat for another train. This process took some time and effort, which is what produced new tracks from electro beatsmith ANCRIP. Now that’s dedication. Let’s be glad he didn’t pass out from heat stroke.


Perth’s ANCRIP redefines his craft by taking his time in perfecting a sound less acid trip and more intricately chilled out – textured, vibrant and fluid.

Unlike his former EP Tyga*, which was created in just two days, his new tracks, Collect and Cult, took 4-5 months to put together. There are a few other points of difference between these tracks and Tyga. Less acid trip, more glo-fi, chilled out, sampled and layered to a well thought mix. Drawing inspiration from electro house legends Burial and Four Tet, ANCRIP curates a great mix.

You can hear the passing ring of the train at the start of the track Collect, with a layer of majestic reverb. It’s definitely my favourite of the two tracks. It’s cool, calm, collected (see what I did there?) and has a buzz to it. The business starts as the beat, samples and bass ramp up. The beats are also fluid, and are free from a rigid structure – as if each hit was well thought out and placed. If you’re also a fan of the ‘loon’ sample sound, you’re in luck; it makes an appearance at the end of the track Cult. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You can hear a strong play between natural and synthetic in these tracks. The dripping water (I’m guessing the cover art of falling water is no coincidence), natural percussion and city sounds fused with beats, synths, cuts and samples create a really solid sound that integrates perfectly. All natural sounds were recorded by ANCRIP himself – making snippets of auditory natural beats.

What’s next to come from young ANCRIP? We hope more sweet mixes and beats and hopefully vocals coming into the mix.

* ANCRIP has informed us that he has temporarily taken his Tyga EP off SoundCloud so it can be properly mastered . Can’t wait to hear it all again!