Introducing: WAAX

In the early days of punk it wasn’t about repping the tallest, stupidest Mohawk, or trying to cram as many button badges as possible onto the same manky denim jacket with a Misfits patch on the back. It was about not doing what people told you, and making your music outside the established system. For all of the indie punk bands present on the Australian scene, few of them have the classic “fuck you I do what I want attitude” that is the foundation of the punk movement.


Fronted by Marie’s femme fatale vocals, Brisbane’s fresh faced punk rockers WAAX, are equal parts angst and harmony. We’re digging it!

Brisbane based indie punks WAAX prove this spirit is still very much alive. Forming a little over a year ago, these 5 angry children (Marie – vox/keys, Elijah – guitar, Ewan – guitar, Ariana – bass, Tom – drums), immediately began making noise in their local scene. Originally your classic drunk house party band, WAAX have recently graduated to the big leagues, touring heavily up and down the east coast. Their breakout single Wisdom Teeth (produced by Konstantin Kersting and Dave Neil) is an influentially eclectic tune, chocked full off heavy bass/drum rhythms and dynamic guitar harmonies – perfectly supporting Marie’s signature vocal style; like a female Jack White who smokes a pack a day and is just generally pissed off.

Following the release of Wisdom Teeth they received a lot of attention from Triple J. After winning a place on the Triple J BigSound lineup in July alongside The Furrs, they have received significant airplay on the station as well as high praise from big wigs Rosie Beaton, Richard Kingsmill and Dom Alessio on their unearthed page. The one thing they all agree on is that WAAX is a band that is worth keeping a close eye on.

Their one recorded track, as well as the amazing amount of positive press they have accrued, has been more than enough to entice throngs of party-ready punk fans to their live shows. After signing with Mucho Bravado (Andy Bull, Ball Park Music, Eves) and Select Music, you want to be sure you catch WAAX at their up coming shows to see just how well their pure rock furry translates to a live setting (Spoiler alert: very fucking well).

Saturday 6th December – The Triffid, Brisbane
supporting The Delta Riggs
Friday 12th December – Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane
supporting Apes
Saturday 13th December – The Factory, Sunshine Coast
Thursday 18th December – Captain Cook Bridge, Sydney
Friday 19th December – Select Music Xmas Party @ The World Bar, Sydney