Andrei Eremin’s Pale Blue is the best electronic music we’ve heard in a long time

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At a quick glance, Andrei Eremin’s name may appear to be reminiscent of a classical composer or conductor… or there’s the chance that it’s just me because I’m stubborn and refuse to wear my glasses, and I’m possibly thinking of Andre Rieu. Let’s not go down that road. If I wanted to think about an insane looking man flailing his arms around “conducting”, I’d go and peer into an old person’s window, because I’m sure that’s the sort of thing that frequents their television screens.

Andrei Eremin Pale Blue

One of the best producers in the country, Andrei Eremin steps out on his own to deliver his flawless Pale Blue EP.

So, let’s go the complete opposite way of that, and head back to the sweet sounds of Andrei Eremin. The Melbourne producer and audio engineer has worked with some industry heavyweights like Chet FakerJapanese Wallpaper and Miami Horror, and has now stepped out on his own and dropped his insanely textural and effervescent debut EP Pale Blue. Eremin delivers a sound that is totally new and experimental, and although is quite heavily influenced by electronic sounds, it stands a long way away from the general, sometimes over-bearing electro material we are hearing a fair bit of lately.

The first single on the EP, Anhedoniac, was released back in July, and is the perfect introduction to Pale Blue. There is a constant build up throughout the whole track that keeps drawing you in and makes you listen intently. This can sometimes quite honestly be a big backfire for artists, when they try to create a track that keeps building; it can just end up sounding pretty boring and pretty shitty and ends up leading to nowhere. But through his clever and expert execution of instrumentation, aided by KUCKA’s haunting and mesmerising vocals, Anhedoniac is a track that you won’t forget any time soon.

This theme of building up and creating a sense of mystery appears more than once on Pale Blue, along with a spaciousness that holds a sense of intimacy. Through Eremin’s experimentation and use of sound layering, each track has so many elements that all blend and come together so well, with no one sound being too overpowering.

Sleeper is the most energetic track on the EP, and although it is vocal-free, the twists and turns it takes will keep you on your toes (literally), and is the type of track you would expect to hear at some sort of underground warehouse party. It is fast-paced, yet boasts a pronounced downbeat. That is what makes Pale Blue so cool and different; there isn’t one particular genre or sound that is thrown out for the entirety of the EP. There are so many abstract, contrasting beats and rhythms that Eremin has produced, it seems as though it would be impossible for Pale Blue to become tired.

All you Melbourne folks who want to get amongst the action, you can catch Andrei Eremin at his Pale Blue EP launch at Hugs and Kisses in Melbourne on October 10, where he will be joined by Fractures, I’lls and Woodes.

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