Over three quarters of Australians support universal income, Anglicare finds

In a survey from Anglicare, 77 per cent of respondents believe in introducing universal income to lift people above the poverty line.

Additionally, more than half of the 1000 respondents strongly support the idea, and only 3 per cent are strongly opposed.

The Anglicare survey also found two in five people said it would put them in a more financially secure position.

Image of Centrelink building
Image via Anglicare

25 per cent said it would allow them to spend more time volunteering, while the same percentage said they could spend more time caring for sick loved ones.

A slightly smaller percentage also said they would seek to improve their skills and education.

Anglicare Australia executive director, Kasy Chambers said many Australians had a basic income for the first time when the Pandemic hit last year.

This was due to the increased JobSeeker payments through the coronavirus supplement.

Chambers spoke of the benefits, saying: “Lives were transformed, and hundreds of thousands of people were lifted out of poverty…Our study shows that a permanent basic income would lock in these benefits and bring many more.”

Chambers also believes the economic hardships many faced for the first time during COVID-19 has increased empathy for those who experience poverty.

She said: “I think many, many more people who hadn’t previously experienced poverty or didn’t know somebody who was living in poverty now do.”