Anna & Jordan run us through five albums that have influenced their music

Last week, when Sunshine Coast duo Anna & Jordan released their new single Darling, we were blown away by their endearing folk sounds.

No matter what your mood, Darling is guaranteed to brighten you up with its lush string arrangements and earthy vocals. So fresh off its release, we caught up with the duo for a list of five albums that have influenced their music.

Fresh off the release of their incredible new single Darling, we caught up with Sunshine Coast duo Anna & Jordan for a list of five albums that have influenced their music.

Oh Pep! – Stadium Cake

When I wrote Darling, this album was all I was listening to for weeks… I was absolutely obsessed. Every time I listened to it I found something new, whether that was a little sound, or understanding a lyric in a new way, I was hooked. I was committed to writing a song like them. It helped me think outside of the box and write differently. We always look to Oh Pep! for inspiration, particularly with incorporating interesting strings parts into our songs.

Angus & Julia Stone – Down the Way

We both think this album has been a major influence on our music, and is a turning point for Australian folk music. When I was a teenager, this was my favourite album. I moved to England when I was in Year 8 and I listened to this, alongside lots of Hamish and Andy, just to hear the familiar Australian accent. I feel this has influenced the way I write, and is a reminder to be unapologetically Australian when I sing.

The Paper Kites – Young North

This album is just one we could listen to on repeat forever. It just sits in the background so nicely, then when you listen more closely, the lyrics are full of heart, and the instrumentals have so much detail. We love the way they double their vocals, and we decided to do this in our song after hearing it on this album. We feel it adds that shiny indie folk sound we love so much.

Ball Park Music – Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs

Whenever we listen to Ball Park Music, it reminds us to do whatever we want in our music because we think it sounds right. We both listened to this Brisbane band all through high school and after, and this album in particular is a highlight for us. When we are feeling down, we listen to It’s Nice To Be Alive from this album. It’s our feel-good anthem, and we hope that one day a song we write becomes this to others.

Regina Spektor – Far

Growing up, I always listened to Regina Spektor, probably because it was the only thing I liked that my brother uploaded onto my 62GB iPod Classic. When I started learning to sing songs, I learnt most of the songs on this album, and hold them very close to my heart. I feel they really paint the picture of my teenage years, and reminds me of the many hours I spent looping these same words while playing piano, or walking around the house. Honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t send my mum mad with the sound of Regina’s songwriting.

Darling is available now.