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Announcing Happy Mag Issue 13: The Outsider Issue

Today we’re pleased to announce Happy Mag Issue 13: The Outsider Issue.

The Outsider Issue will examine outsider art and outsider music under a microscopic lens, painting a picture of its history and evolution. The magazine will also more broadly touch on what it means to operate outside the norm – as an artist, as a creative, or as a human.

happy mag issue 13 Front cover: Abdul Abdullah, No one is an island, 2019

Cover image: Abdul Abdullah, No one is an island, 2019

Announcing Happy Mag Issue 13: The Outsider Issue. Featuring cover art and a feature interview with Muslim Australian artist Abdul Abdullah.

A seventh generation Muslim Australian who went to art school, Abdul Abdullah has embraced the title of outsider. Sometimes that pisses people off. For Issue 13 we sat down to chat about the dangers of romanticising art, how the purpose of his work has changed, and – quite basically – what the hell an outsider actually is.

Elsewhere in the mag Riley Fitzgerald dives deep on the anatomy of an outsider, Mia Hull investigates The Drifting Doolagahls, and photographer Harleigh English visits an underground opal mining community in Western NSW. Interviews with musicians such as The Growlers, C.O.F.F.I.N, Regurgitator, and more are also included.

The Outsider Issue is also available with an alternate cover, a shot of Sydney four-piece The Buoys by April Josie. Check it out below.

Happy Mag Issue 13 is currently available for pre-order, set to be released on Friday December 13th – the same day as our Issue 13 Launch in Sydney. Grab your copy here.

Cover image: The Buoys by April Josie, 2019


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