Anonymous ‘Street Fighter V’ player flawlessly wins online tournament, donates prize to the homeless, then disappears

Once in a blue moon, an individual rises from the darkness and wins over the hearts of the masses. Who is this humble and enigmatic Street Fighter V player?

The internet is a place where millions of people gather under the pretext of anonymity, but one certain Street Fighter V player recently took this to the next level.

It happened last Wednesday night on February 24th, when a cryptic modern day hero appeared in the arenas of a Street Fighter V tournament. After winning every match and crushing the final in straight rounds, they left and donated their winnings to charity.

street fighter v

This person first appeared on the Southern Californian-based tournament Wednesday Night Fights under the username, ‘SFVRyuPlayerLol’. The username comes as no surprise, given that this mysterious player was participating in the tournament as the character Ryu.

For those unaware, Wednesday Night Fights is a weekly e-sports tournament that attracts hundreds of players to virtually fight their way to glory. Thousands more watch and stream the matches, essentially rendering the tournament an online version of in-person boxing battles. Other games hosted on these nights include Grandblue Fantasy Versus and Tekken 7.

Spectators of the match were privy to the amazing manoeuvres and techniques SFVRyuPlayerLol made to counter all matched opponents. It was an impressive sight for sure, with the player safely grabbing six matches in a row under the belt, before finally dusting off their hands with a solid 3-0 sweep in the grand finals.

SFVRyuPlayerLol maintained their anonymity by typing a brief but inspiring message in the Discord chat after becoming the champion. It read:

“Donate mine to the homeless… or whoever needs it.”

The Street Fighter V winner didn’t forget their manners either, and ultimately ended their short public debut with a simple goodnight.

Practically everybody is confused as to who this enigmatic Ryu imposter is. But you should never underestimate the power of the internet. Amidst the numerous speculations on just who exactly this SFVRyuPlayerLol could be, quite a few rumours have popped up online.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that Alex Valle, the popularly theorised identity of SFVRyuPlayerLol and well-known Street Fighter V player, has denied all allegations. Instead, he revealed that, “a mysterious Ryu player signed up, kicked ass, and told me to donate the first-place prize. That’s all I know.”

Maybe it’s fake, maybe it’s true. Either way, it’s clear that SFVRyuPlayerLol intends to keep his or her identity a tight-lipped secret for the time being.

Street Fighter has a long history spanning back over three decades, and last Wednesday night’s eventful tournament featuring SFVRyuPlayerLol has only added to its legacy. While we can only sit tight with our curiosity piqued until an official reveal, pass by those arduous minutes by pulling up a copy of Street Fighter V on the PC or PS4.