HADOUKEN! Red Bull wants you to remix the Street Fighter II theme for its 30th anniversary

Remember when you were playing Street Fighter II on an arcade machine? If you spent as much time on one as I did, the soundtrack will be well and truly burned into your memory.

A new initiative out of Red Bull Music Academy’s gaming arm Diggin’ In The Crates seeks to burn it in even further. They’re hosting a remix competition in collaboration with Capcom, celebrating the iconic title’s 30th anniversary.

street fighter II soundtrack remix competition red bull music academy diggin' in the crates

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of arcade classic Street Fighter II with a remix comp hosted by Red Bull Music Academy and Capcom.

More and more, retro gaming seems to be worming its way into electronic music culture. Outside the early adopters like Kode9, modern producers like Flying Lotus are outwardly professing their love for games, and the inspiration they gain from their influential soundtracks.

RMBA has opened up this remix competition with four high-end entries from Ryan Hemsworth, Knxwledge, Ghost Ramp and ASMARA. It’s open to everybody though, so load up the soundtrack and start jotting down ideas. All three winners will receive a Komplete 11 from Native Instruments.

Download the sample pack and enter the competition yourself here. For a trip down memory lane (or some inspiration), here’s 17 minutes of Street Fighter II gameplay:

Via Fact Mag.