Red Bull Music Academy and Red Bull Radio are shutting down this year

Red Bull Music Academy and Red Bull Radio, which were made possible through Red Bull’s partnership with marketing firm Yadastar, will end in their current forms this year. According to Resident Advisor, employees were told this week that the companies have decided to part ways.

Red Bull will remain involved in music through Red Bull Music, which has no affiliation with Yadastar, but RBMA and Red Bull Radio will cease on October 31; marking the end of a 21-year run.

Photo by: Joel Capillaire

Red Bull Music Academy and Red Bull Radio have hosted concerts, lectures and workshops for 21 years. While the two entities are sadly coming to an end, Red Bull Music will continues as normal, with a festival planned for New York and Tokyo this year.

In a statement to Resident Advisor, Red Bull said it was looking into different avenues in terms of music.

“After 20 years of supporting artists worldwide with its music program in a rapidly changing world, Red Bull will maintain its purpose of providing a global platform to promote creativity—but it is changing the means of delivery. Red Bull will be moving away from a strongly centralized approach, will gradually phase out the existing structure and will implement a new setup which empowers existing Red Bull country teams and utilizes local expertise. Red Bull will continue to explore new ways to support promising and cutting-edge artists wherever they may be.”