Everything we know about ‘Arcane’, Netflix’s ‘League of Legends’ series

League of Legends will be launching Arcane, an original animated series produced by and available on Netflix, later in 2021.

After almost a year and a half of silence, Netflix just dropped a fresh trailer for the highly anticipated League of Legends series Arcane. The new series will be launching this Spring for us Aussies. The series was originally announced back in 2019 as a part of the Riot Pls 10th anniversary event.

The series is set within the League of Legends universe and we expect to see a cast filled with our favourite champions. From the trailers, we expect to see appearances from Jinx, Ekko, Jarvan, and Vi. From the recent trailer, it would appear that Jinx and Vi will be playing central roles. This seems fitting as their respective character backstories are possibly the most interesting and nuanced in comparison to the rest of the roster.

Artwork from 'Arcane'

There are also a few new faces scattered in the trailer. These new characters could be solely featuring in the new series, however, after putting my tinfoil hat firmly on my head, this could be a creative way for Riot to tease a new champion. Only time will tell.

It would also appear that the series will bounce between the different factions and cities within the League of Legends universe, with the trailer showing small snippets of fan favourite destinations such as Piltover and Zaun.

This new trailer comes shortly after the success of DOTA’s animated series DOTA: Dragon Blood.¬†Defence of the Ancients or DOTA is League of Legends’ major competitor and according to most, the father of the MOBA genre. So it’s reasonable to speculate that this is a planned response to their recent success.

Netflix seems to be cashing in big on video game series adaptations. After the tremendous response and mainstream acclaim to the Witcher short series, as well as the admittedly less popular but similarly well-received series Castlevania and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, we can expect to see many more of our favourite games hitting the small screen.

Although we know very little about Arcane, we’re betting it will be a far more relaxing and enjoyable experience than your average game of League of Legends.