ARIA announce new weekly vinyl chart

ARIA announce new weekly vinyl chart

In honour of Record Store Day this Saturday, ARIA have announced a new weekly vinyl chart. In response to the steadily increasing number of vinyl sales across Australia, it only makes sense, really.

Over the last eight years, vinyl sales have been on the up and up. And last year’s numbers presented a $3 million sales increase from $18.8 million to $21.7 million. In comparison to digital downloads and CD sales, which have been decreasing between 2017 and 2018, vinyl sales are definitely where it’s at.

As the vinyl revival rages on, ARIA have announced a new weekly vinyl chart and their top 100 End of Year Vinyl Albums Chart for 2018

Chief Executive of ARIA, Dan Rosen, said that it’s an obvious step to acknowledge the vinyl phenomenon in Australia.

“There is a major sense of nostalgia to the experience of vinyl. The format is tangible and collectable, often with original and numbered artworks.”

“Artists are increasingly using physical formats such as vinyl as a way to give their fans a substantial way of showing their fandom, often working hand in hand with the digital and streaming version for the artist.”

Also in honour of Record Store Day, ARIA revealed their 2018 ARIA End of Year Vinyl Albums Chart. In the top spot was Queen’s Greatest Hits, and 31 Australian artists featuring in the list of 100.

The first official weekly vinyl chart will be dropped on Saturday the 13th of April at 5pm. You’ll be able to suss that out at