Ariel Pink, Snoop Dogg and Q-Tip and more feature on Dam-Funk’s forthcoming album Invite The Light

It’s been six years since an LP for Damon Garrett Riddick, better known as Dâm-Funk, and judging by the friends he’s got to help him out, his next, Invite The Light is going to be a big one. With names like Ariel Pink, Q-Tip, Snoop Dogg, Nite Jewel, Kid Sister, Junie Morrison of the Ohio Players and others making appearances on the record, there’s a lot of hype around its release on September 20 through Stones Throw Records.

dam funk ariel pink snoop dogg invite the light we continue

The second track of the record, We Continue, provides a little taste of what to expect from the Californian artist.

Check out the track list:

01 Junie’s Transmission [ft. Junie Morrison]
02 We Continue
03 Somewhere, Someday
04 I’m Just Tryna’ Survive (In The Big City) [ft. Q-Tip]
05 Survelliance Escape
06 Floating On Air
07 HowUGonFu*kAroundAndChooseABusta’?
08 The Hunt & Murder of Lucifer
09 It Didn’t Have To End This Way
10 Missing U
11 Acting [ft. Ariel Pink]
12 O.B.E.
13 Glyde 2nyte [ft. Leon Sylvers III & IV]
14 Just Ease Your Mind From All Negativity [ft. Snoop Dogg]
15 Virtuous Progression [ft. JimiJames, Kid Sister, Nite Jewel, Novena Carmel & Jody Watley]
16 Scatin’ (Toward The Light)
17 Junie’s Re-Transmission [ft. Junie Morrison]
18 I’m Just Tryna’ Survive (In The Big City) Party Version [ft. Q-Tip]
19 ‘Kaint Let ‘Em Change Me
20 The Acceptance