Aries Spears said WHAT about Lizzo? 

Comedian Aries Spears has come under fire with his recent comments about Lizzo’s body, cruelly comparing the singer to a bowl of mashed potatoes, whilst blowing his own horn about his “swagger.”

Spears’s recent comments over the weekend about Lizzo’s weight led to hundreds of fans taking to social media in support of the talented flute-playing singer. Calling the comedian out for his verbal diatribe, not only for “the pot calling the kettle black,” but also for his negative take on what is an outdated misogynistic view of body image in general. 

A short clip of the comedian on The Art of Dialogue was posted on Friday, in which he was specifically asked about Lizzo’s music and her songwriting. Spears snowballed off-topic as soon as he began responding, with a torrent of uncalled-for criticism.

aries spears lizzo comments

“I can’t get past the fact that she looks like a s— emoji,” he said, veering immediately off the subject at hand which was Lizzo’s music. “She’s got a very pretty face, but she keeps showing her body off like, come on, man. Come on, yo.”

He went on to say, “I’m sorry. Listen, I ain’t the most in-shape n—r in the world but I still, when you funny and you got swagger and confidence and you decent looking – I think I’m at least handsome – you get p—y. But a woman that’s built like a plate of mashed potatoes is in trouble.”

Adding further fuel to the fire, Aries Spears called out the women who support Lizzo, referring to them as hypocrites. 

“You know what kills me about women is the hypocrisy and the contradiction, F— diabetes, f— heart problems, f— heart disease, cholesterol. Y’all claim womanhood and about sisterhood and support for your sister, you know, when it comes to that ridiculous s—. But if you really gave a f—, why wouldn’t you go, ‘Black girl, we love your confidence, boo boo, but this ain’t it. This ain’t it.”

That’s the real love! Y’all jump on me for making jokes, but y’all won’t be f—ing real and go, ‘Sister, put the eclair down. This ain’t it. It’s treadmill time.”

Lizzo Fans were quick to stick up for the songstress: “She Is Not Here to Be F–able for Y’all, She’s Here to Make Music.”

“Lizzo is strong, confident, while at the same time knows how to show relatable vulnerability. She doesn’t need to deal with small, shallow, self fatphobic, non swagger men like you. Get her name out of your disgusting mouth.”

“Lemme practice his advice…Black man, we love your confidence boo, boo…this ain’t it. Your neck is sweating while you’re seated. Your hairline is non existent & you’re not even 50. You’re out of breath by just speaking. This ain’t it. Is that how it’s done?”

“The hate towards lizzo is so unprovoked, it’s weird. She is not here to be f—able for y’all, she’s here to make music. She’s healthy & can do more on stage than he can do in this simple interview. The woman exudes sex appeal & she’s minding her own business. Cry about it Aries.”