As fresh additions of Australia’s eclectic electronic scene, World Champion put a stratospheric twist on an old tale

Future Classic is a pretty damn good record label. It’s the home of artists like Flume, Jagwar Ma, Chet Faker and Flight Facilities. Now they’ve got their hands on World Champion – a pretty funky addition to Australia’s eclectic electronic scene – consisting of Sydney boys Julian Sudek and Will Campion.

You might know Sudek as a founding member of Mercy Arms, or from his collabs with Canyons, FLRL (feat. cool friends Jono Ma and Kirin J Cillinan) and George Maple. Campion has been floating around the Sydney scene, playing in Cut Silk and The Chevaliers. Now they are one – creating synthy house music that makes you wanna boogie.

World Champion avocado galaxy

Future Classic’s newest heroes World Champion are fresh additions to Australia’s eclectic electronic scene, blending stratospheric elements into clubby house music.

World Champion are on the cusp releasing their debut EP, Avocado Galaxy. Describing their genre as “krauty psychy souly”, this is house music that gets you feeling some type of way. I don’t actually know what that saying means, but it feels right when listening to the title track – Avocado Galaxy.

You don’t even need to listen to this song to love it. What a name. Some guy loved it so much he got an actual avocado galaxy tattooed on his arm. Lucky for him – the song is great. There are elements of deep house floating around World Champion, strung out by spacious krautrock tangents. Some chick in their Soundcloud comments section reckons she can actually “hear the avocado” – kind of weird, but I completely agree. I can see it being played at a rave on repeat for hours, with no one noticing (or caring) because it’s stitched together so well.

Their latest single Shakes has a kind of 60s surfy vibe. Really upbeat stuff; you can just imagine it in the background of a highly contrasted, suntanned surf movie. It’s light and poppy with beautiful soothing vocals. The duo collaborated with Jagwar Ma’s synth mastermind Jono Ma on Avocado Galaxy, an influence which clearly pervades the tracks through sunbeams and stratospheric blips and bleeps.

The bedroom producers have some wacky tools to experiment with, something that sticks out as soon as you hit play. Featured in Red Bull’s Gear Porn Series, the boys described some of their “beautiful sonic friends” stashed away in their Bronte studio:

“One of the preamps was a Craigslist purchase in New York. It belonged to this jazz drummer who was an in-house musician for Saturday Night Live for like 25 years. He passed on a few funnies and stories of recording with Michael Jackson. We also have an analogue mixing console that we found in a council cleanup.”

After taking their bedroom magic to the stage with shows at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory and an inaugural appearance at Bigsound 2015, the duo will be playing FBi’s SMAC Festival in January and Mountain Sounds in February, spinning their indie electronic creations to crowds of spaced out ravers. Or maybe just to you, sitting alone in your bedroom at night with your mind in an avocado galaxy.