Alyssa debuts a simmering, self-titled EP

Sydney EDM artist, Alyssa sets herself up for stardom with her debut self-titled EP, ALYSSA.

Hailing from the bright streets of Sydney is house and EDM sensation, Alyssa. After creating massive waves in the Australian music scene with her debut last year, which saw her garner the hearts of many with over 150,000 monthly listeners, and accumulating 15 million streams.

One year on from her dazzling debut, Alyssa has returned with a fiercely-addictive, flawlessly-produced debut EP, ALYSSA.

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The collection of five hits showcases Alyssa’s spellbinding growth as an artist, and allows her to not only celebrate her affection for house and EDM, but also her Italian heritage. This EP will see the Sydney-hailing artist soaring above the masses, opening a door to new fans who will join Alyssa on her journey toward international stardom.

The ALYSSA project is a true reflection of herself, her culture, and her artistry, combining both English and Italian lyrics, which is displayed on the first track, La Vida. This track is filled with vibrant synths and lively beats that get you in the groove, with infectious trumpets that add to the high-energy house beats and drop.


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Following on from this, Forget You sees Alyssa pouring her heart out for a lost romance, which is such a stark contrast to the normal confidence she displays. It’s a highly emotive track, with moody synths and dark pop beats that captivate your attention.

Next is her smash hit, Ti Amo which picks up the pace as a vibrant saxophone sample and bouncy beats reel you in from start to finish. The uplifting house track took the TikTok world by storm upon its release, and is currently sitting at 5 million streams across platforms.

Your Name sees Alyssa delving into a fun yet emotive track featuring the incredibly talented KingTheFreeSoul. This track sees Alyssa take a more commercial approach with her sound, with moody melodic synths and high-energy beats. This track will be a contender in the hearts of her fans as being one of her most infectious releases.


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The last track on her simmering debut EP is Luna. The track is brimming with moodiness and high-energy beats that will have you captivated from the first beat. Alyssa’s vocals soar with an infectious melody and lyrics dripping with sass.

Alyssa’s self-titled EP proves her to be one of the next best acts Australia has to offer. Stream ALYSSA via Spotify below.