Komyoun drops a super-charged kaleidoscope of EDM on his debut single ‘The Process’

On his debut single, Komyoun unloads and unwinds. The Process represents exactly what its title suggests: new beginnings, fresh philosophies, and sonic maturity.

Artists too often find themselves paralysed in the mechanics of the music industry. A sector where creativity is minced into returns, heartbreaking amounts of musicians find their passion burnt out as a result. This was the case for Danny Muller. With countless years of gigs and releases behind him, Muller turned his attention towards a new philosophy for his music, one where spirit prioritised systems of releases.

Meet Komyoun: a celebration of creativity, where passionate music is shared with openness and gratitude. The artist has granted music retribution and set it aside intoxicating EDM, just look to his latest single for proof. The Process isn’t so much a club banger as it is a catalyst of resilience. Share it, connect with it, wade in it. Welcome to Komyoun.


All throughout his debut single, Komyoun glides through an electrifying concoction of EDM, house, and electronica, delivering something unique and distinct. With soaring production, echoing hooks, and pulsating rhythms, The Process is a theatrical and sultry slice of intuitive brilliance.

Komyoun’s command of sonic diction is incredible, from the distant pulses of bass in the track’s opening to the swelling choruses which give The Process its bite. At its core, the single is a pastiche of neon-tinted beats and distorted bass flairs, each element providing the perfect support to the other.

The artist knows exactly where to pull back the single as well, providing a perfect balance of light and dark to keep the soundscape meaty and the melodies rich enough to sink your teeth into. Across its three-minute run, The Process builds into something truly epic and never stays in one place for too long.


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As layers of bass and production slowly reveal themselves, so too does a real sense of sonic grandeur. By the time the song reaches its conclusion, you’re utterly immersed in Komyoun’s brand of musical reconciliation.

“The track is a moment of expression, a melodic hook, a simple beat and a bass to support it all,” the artist explains about the track. “It’s about discovering that the process of music itself is not necessarily about formula or refinement. The inspiration, the energy are the most crucial factors when making music.”

Judging from what he’s delivered with this single, I think we can safely expect plenty more great tunes from Komyoun in the coming months.

Check out The Process below: