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SolidGoldFX NU-33 brings lo-fi tape and vinyl tones to your pedalboard

SolidGold FX has introduced the NU-33 Vinyl Engine, a chorus pedal that’s aimed to replicate lo-fi and vintage sounds.

The world of chorus is a deep one, with many pedal manufacturers producing their own spin on the iconic psychedelic sound.

SolidGoldFX has introduced the NU-33 Vinyl Engine. It’s a fresh take on the chorus pedal which prioritises warm, lo-fi tones.

Nu-33 SolidGoldFX

The NU-33 features controls for Speed, Flutter, Ramp, Hiss, Blend, and Level, which are paired with four mini-toggle switches that engage the Wave, Skip, Color, and Crackle modes.

The Speed and Flutter parameters operate the rate and depth of the modulation, but if you set Flutter to the minimum setting the LFO movement is stopped altogether. You can then use the NU-33 as a doubler with Speed adjusting the delay onset from 15ms to 50ms.

Each of the footswitches offer dual purposes. On the left side, the footswitch acts as a tap tempo for the modulation but if held down engages the ‘Speed Ramp’ feature, which increases the tempo. On the right side, the switch either engages or bypasses the pedal, and also acts as a record skip effect if held down.

The NU-33 is powered by a 9V supply and offers an expression pedal which can be mapped to any parameter you want. Each pedal is handmade with incredible detail in Montreal, Canada.

Check out more on the NU-33 on the SolidGoldFX Website.