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Get some vintage warmth with Native Instruments’ LO-FI GLOW

Native Instruments have released two new products designed for all your lo-fi needs. Native Instruments’ LO-FI GLOW is a Kontakt instrument, released as part of their Play Series of instruments, and FADED REELS is an expansion designed for use with a range of Native Instruments products.

Joining other Play Series instruments, which currently offer analog and modular presets, Native Instruments’ LO-FI GLOW is a lo-fi machine. Equipped with 128 sounds, including bass, keys, organs, pads, plucks and mallets, recorded from real instruments and processed through effects pedals, tape decks, and samplers, LO-FI GLOW is a ready-to-use instrument for all genres. Lo-fi glow

If you’re looking for a new lo-fi vibe, Native Instruments’ LO-FI GLOW is a customisable vintage machine, packed with sounds and presets.

LO-FI GLOW also comes with 150 presets for quick and easy performance. Up to two instruments can be assigned to a keyboard at once. A sound editor interface allows for control over the individual sources, and an effects editor can create custom effects chains.

The instrument is also equipped with a 16-step sequencer, with control over pitch, velocity, and up to six assignable macros. These macros can be quickly accessed from the main page of the instrument or edited in the dedicated macro page. The instrument offers extensive customisation, allowing for editing of key ranges, velocity curves, and more.

The lo-fi expansion, FADED REELS, was created in collaboration with MSXII and comes loaded with samples of live instruments, customisable presets, and a series of loops and one-shots. Compatible with any DAW, FADED REELS offers even more options for the perfect lo-fi sound.

Both products are priced at $79AUD, and until March 16, Native Instruments is offering a buy one get the other half price package.

For more information, head to Native Instruments.