Watch a Monstrous 240-Stage Russian Step Sequencer in Action
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Watch a monstrous 240-stage Russian step sequencer in action

Fed up with your unworthy 16-stage step sequencer? Fret no more with this practically endless piece of hardware, 15 times the size.

We sure have come a long way since the humble Oberheim DX-2. Here we see a monstrous 240 stage step sequencer named ivy, conceived for a south German art exhibition.

We have the Moscow-based Dmitry Morozov (known as ::vtol:) to thank for this, a mixed media artist who has previously created an electromagnetic organ and a synthesiser which runs on human blood. In other words, the Dr. Frankenstein of electronic synthesis.

240 stage step sequencer

Here’s what Morozoy had to say about his installation:

“The project is created specially for Open Codes exhibition in ZKM center, dedicated to codes and programming in art.”

“On one side, Ivy is a representation of an archaic method of electronic music programming for analog synthesisers. On the other side – gigantic scale and obsessive multiplication of simple primitive elements turns this project into an art installation, that is referring to the topic of graphic and physical organisation of parameters in electronic music.”

My only gripe with this is the number of steps; 240 makes for a 15-bar sequence, which is unnervingly short of a clean 16.

Watch Ivy in action below: