Ash Hendriks is transfixing on new electro-pop single ‘Above Water’

Ash Hendriks is one of those self-taught anomalies. As a songwriter, vocalist and producer, Hendriks has worked with some of Aussie music’s royalty and that experience feels very present on her latest release. Above Water transcends electro-pop and peers into an unseen realm of experimental art form.

Brooding and propulsive, Above Water is Ash Hendriks’ latest slice of understated electronica pop, pushing the boundaries with lush vocal styling.

Notably boasting many placements on “one to watch” playlists and blogs, Hendriks has released a series of infectious singles over the year. Each one a textural and practised arrangement. Above Water captures this control. Whilst the lush layers of vocal styling and pulsating effects build, Hendriks never abuses the limitless spectrum that is electronica.

Short and sharp, the beat is kept lively. This allows for the surging synths to rise, seemingly unnoticed. Before you’re able to pinpoint how or why, Above Water has taken on the qualities of a rising tide, catching you unaware and moved. This hypotonic sensation is welcomed as Hendriks casts her soothing spell. Dive into her latest single Above Water, below:

Each listen will give you something different and something a little more. Lyrically, the mantra “give me time” speaks to the healing process we’ve all been facing during a world pandemic. A timely tale, Hendriks says of the sonically dark but, conceptually light song:

“This song is about keeping afloat and seeing out the flight during tough times.”

Currently based out of her Sydney studio, but original from Perth, Hendriks has rubbed creative shoulders with psych-legends such as Tame Impala and Pond. That liquid-like undulation of psychedelia is ever-present in Above Water. Obscure and dark at times, this three and a half minute meditative track is addictive in its wavering dosage. Hendriks is the conductor of listening bliss.

If you’re a fan of the synth-rich self-expression of Grimes, go no further than Ash Hendriks. An artist aptly crowned one to watch and one to listen to again and again.