The Violet Stones channel hard-edged '90s rock in 'Kill Me'

The Violet Stones channel hard-edged ’90s rock in ‘Kill Me’

Hailing from Sydney, The Violet Stones have been honing their sound since their formation in 2016. Late last year, the band released their debut LP, Exordium, full of catchy melodies that tended toward the harder edge of punk.

In their new single, Kill Me, the band has returned with a darker sound, with channels the heavy alt-rock of bands like Incubus and System of a Down, injecting this classic sound with newfound energy.

Sydney’s The Violet Stones have been steadily honing their sound since their 2016 formation. On new single Kill Me, they channel the darker side of retro alt-rock.

The Sydney three-piece, headed by frontwoman Sarah Jane Curran, has been forging their reputation on the back of a solid live presence, booking numerous support slots and festival appearances up and down the east coast. With headbangers like Kill Me in the setlist, it’s not hard to see how this band keeps going from strength to strength as a live force to be reckoned with.

They’re also not afraid to take control of the studio experience, as they recorded the track in their home studio, with the help of engineer Benedikt Hain. Even though they proudly wear the DIY tag, the production on the single is slick—the drums are suitably epic, with tidal waves of distorted riffs jumping right out of the speakers.

Curran’s vocal delivery, however, slices right through the mix. She’s intimate at some points within the track but effortlessly taps into a vein of aggression when required. All the while, she maintains pitch-perfect precision throughout in an awesome performance.

Overall, the energy and intensity of Kill Me is set to get a lot of moving at the next Violet Stones gig. Check out the video and stay up to date with The Violet Stones on their Facebook page.