Japan asks people to avoid screaming on rollercoasters to stop spread of coronavirus

With many countries around the world slowly beginning to ease restrictions, there are a few new rules still in place to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Japan are among the many countries that are lifting coronavirus restrictions and lockdown measures, meaning that citizens can once again enjoy some entertainment, including amusement parks.

However, Japanese health officials have told citizens to stop screaming on roller coasters to slow the spread of the virus. All visitors are now asked to “refrain from vocalising loudly”.

theme park japan coronavirus

Japanese amusement parks have asked people to stop screaming on roller coasters to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Japanese officials are encouraging people to participate in such activities even though strict rules are being enforced. Amusement parks hold some of the toughest coronavirus rules. The Japan Times have reported that amusement park workers are telling patrons to keep their mouths closed on roller coasters and any thrill rides.

Visitors must also maintain a distance of 1.5 metres between other thrill-seekers. Other workers are also asked to maintain the 1.5-metre rule from visitors: “ghosts lurking in haunted houses should maintain a healthy distance from their ‘victims.’”  

Tokyo Disneyland and Osaka Universal Studios still remain closed until further notice.

I mean I guess this is better than staying home, right?