Indie Rock outfit Yasu Cub continue to make a name for themselves in Japan

Yasu Cub release Elevator, their first full band effort and follow up to their debut record, fusing shoegaze and dream-pop escapist EP

Originally a solo project, Yasu Cub has taken flight with their newfound collaborative spirit. Off the heels of a national tour in support of In The Valley Below, the band look to expand their horizons and draw more listeners to their mellow yet gritty creations.

Elevator marks a new beginning, as well as the influence of living in Japan and merging their collective roots.

yasu club

Bitterness takes its cues from the likes of Turnover and Gleemer, spacious and guitar driven with ambient tones and layers, the track has a magnetic introduction.

Lead lines intermingle and traipse over each other, each highly emotive in anticipation of the vocal.

A deep, distant tone emerges and further sets the tone, a depth in contrast to the ever-present chiming ride cymbal.

The drums offer the perfect pockets for the rest of the sound to fall into, keeping with a steady, hypnotic groove.

Town is just as groggy and slow paced. It’s loose and inviting, the same deep vocal and mesmerising guitar tones draw us steadily in.

yasu club

A little more dynamic, Town suggests the promise of an alighting live performance.

I Want It All brings forth an indie sensibility, a groove heavy track that blurs the lines between the Yasu Cub genre.

Melodically it remains soothing and welcoming, instrumentally a little tighter and faster paced.

It’s a nice introduction to the EP, offering a little burst of energy before things simmer down.

the title track is a beckoning, lo-fi illusion, one filled with melancholy and dejection.

It’s moving, and perhaps the standout besides Bitterness.

An echoing synth, ethereal harmonies and a smoky overtone makes Elevator feel like a dream. “See you later, when we’re older.”


It’s hard to imagine anyone sleeping on Yasu Cub following this release.

Elevator is memorable and effortlessly moving, a formidable effort for a band only just becoming a band in the first place.

It’s exciting to think of what the future holds for them on the tail of this release.

Stay connected to Yasu Cub via their insta, and head here for more new releases.