Belgian law accidentally contained a wholesome asparagus recipe

Six-step asparagus recipe “accidentally” copied and pasted into Belgian law database, amongst legislation and royal decrees.

The recipe for a shitty asparagus and Cantal cheese dish was found in the most unexpected of places – between the lines of pricing laws for medical products.

Published by the Federal Public Justice Service of Belgium, the recipe was derived from a renowned cooking website called ‘Marmiton’.

asparagus dish legal legislation accident
Image: Cook’s Illustrated

Commercial Lawyer, Morgan Moller, came across the recipe buried amongst legislation regarding updated medical pricing laws.

The error was uncovered after an update was made to the French translation of the official Belgian journal, Moniteur Belge.

The journal contains important legal documents, including laws, official notes and decrees. Unfortunately, before the document’s final version faced approval, the recipe was removed due to facilitating “no legal value“.

A lawyer from Brussels stated, “Sometimes we see errors in the text. But a cooking recipe, never,

Moller took to Twitter, sharing his discovery with the online community;

I’m fed up with people saying the Moniteur Belge is useless. You can find anything in there: laws, decrees, cooking recipes, you name it. Honestly, I’ve rarely encountered something this hilarious in my legal career.

However, the traction his post garnered took Moller by complete surprise, mentioning that he did not expect so many people to be intrigued by the incident;

“It took on a life of itself, honestly, we had no idea it would be of interest to so many people,”

Since its debut in the spotlight, the asparagus has received much attention, including hate from a political scientist, Ian Bremmer, who decided to take a stab at the vegetable recipe, labelling it “not very good“.

The removal of the recipe was taken quite seriously, due to the responsibilities of the Moniteur Belge to present relevant and “accurate” information for third parties to base their legal arguments on.

Considering that the asparagus recipe was not relevant or “very good“, its life in the land of royal decrees and legislation was destined to be short-lived, albeit celebrated.

The next time you make an error at work or on an assignment, I implore you to reflect fondly on this incident and know that you did not mess up this bad.