AstraZeneca vaccine now available for all Australians regardless of age

The National Cabinet has announced any adult will be able to get The AstraZeneca vaccine, regardless if they are over 50.

In a whirlwind press conference last night, Scomo declared any adult who wants the AstraZeneca vaccine will be allowed.

GP’s are now able to administer the vaccine after making sure they are suitable to willing patients.

photo of AstraZeneca building
Image via The Guardian

AstraZeneca was previously only allowed for people over 50 due to concerns over patients developing blood clotting.

GP’s will now be protected under a no-fault indemnity for providing the vaccine.

This means they are provided legal protection if vaccination causes injury, death or loss of income for patients.

Scomo announced it was now mandatory for all aged care workers to be vaccinated during the press conference. They must have at least one dose by September.

Post-quarantine COVID testing will be undergone for returned travellers.

However, there have been concerns about the announcement. Professor Collignon, an infectious disease expert, is concerned elderly people may stop being a priority in the rollout.

The real priority still is people over the age of 60,” Colligon said.

“We need to do this logically, in a tiered manner, because for every decade of life you are older, your risk goes up 5 to 10 times of dying if you get COVID so it’s much more important that 70-year-olds are in front of the queue.”

This decision to roll out the AstraZeneca vaccine comes as the highly contagious Delta strain runs rampant across Australia.

Sydney, Perth and the Northern Territory are under lockdown, and Queensland has introduced tighter restrictions across the state.  Currently, less than five per cent of the population are vaccinated.