Atlamer’s Muse run us through each track of their new EP

Last month, when Gold Coast-based duo Atlamer’s Muse released their new EP Storm Seed, we were immediately immersed in their powerful, genre-bending sounds.

So fresh off the EP’s release, we caught up with the band themselves for a complete run-down of each track.

Fresh off the release of their latest EP Storm Seed, we caught up with Gold Coast-based duo Atlamer’s Muse for a complete track-by-track run-down.

Ain’t Got You

This track starts out as a soul-sy pop arrangement showcasing Naia’s smooth, soulful vocals both upfront and in her backing. Musically, this track features the more traditional sounds of piano, guitar, strings and powerful horns in the choruses. The song explores the raw vulnerable feelings of longing and confusion after a hard breakup but takes a twist at the end with the defiant realisation that she’s better off without the ex, the betrayal, determined that the pain will not destroy her.

Make You Cry

This track is powered along by a military-style drum with various synth sounds and electronic music elements fading in and out. Lyrically the song is about exploring and liberating sexuality during the ‘rebound stage’ of a breakup. Not looking for a future partner but for a bit of fun and ownership over one’s own sexual needs. The juxtaposition of the outro with Naia singing her phrase about having a little secret in a whispery voice over a piano melody adds contrast to the rest of the track.

Lover’s Calling

This is the first track we recorded together as Atlamer’s Muse, it is very special to us and still gives us goosebumps when we play it. Musically it is a very sparse arrangement incorporating violins, piano and electronic sounds. Naia delivers a deep sense of vulnerable longing with her lyrics and soft, whispery vocals before diving into the more powerful bridge which, along with the musical arrangement really evokes emotion.

Let Me In

This is more of a synthpop track with Naia supported by layered, pitch-shifted vocals, brassy synth stabs and guitar. Lyrically this song is about entering a new relationship and letting the new partner know despite their past hurts you will treat them better than their ex but also asking them to be vulnerable enough to be loved at the same time.

Help Me

The most upbeat track of the EP, this song has a retro vibe to it blending a mix of 80’s style sounds with a modern beat and powerful toms. During the bridge we have synth plucks with dreamy, echoey vocals and a quick violin flashback to Lover’s Calling. Naia sings about the insecurities experienced when entering into a new relationship. Addressing a need to be reassured of the strength of love towards her.


This is a fun upbeat track, a bonus for the EP which gives a brief glimpse into more of the style to come from us in 2019. Anyone who needs their caffeine fix in the morning to get going will relate to this song. With a more gritty vocal sound and an electronic music arrangement reminiscent of NIN or The Presets, this style is different to everything else on the EP.

Storm Seed is available now. Listen above.