Atlanta police have fatally shot a black man at a Wendy’s drive-thru

Yet another incident of police brutality made the news over the weekend, with police in Atlanta fatally shooting a black man at a Wendy’s drive-thru after someone called to complain he was sleeping in his car.

The man, believed to be 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks, was said to be asleep at the wheel whilst blocking other cars at the drive-thru. After a failed sobriety test, the man apparently resisted and officers fought back, with police claiming Brooks grabbed hold of an officer’s taser.

atlanta wendy's police shooting black man

Atlanta police officers deployed tasers at a Wendy’s drive-thru before opening fire on 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks and subsequently killing him.

The case is being investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), after which it will be turned over to the Fulton County District Attorney.

Various footage reportedly captured at the time of the incident has been shared on social media.

“Everybody say it ain’t about colour, but it is about colour. It is about colour because [the police] make it about colour,” one man can be heard saying.

People have taken to Twitter to pay tribute to Brooks, saying he didn’t deserve to die.

Protesters have since burned down the Wendy’s where the incident occurred, perhaps misinterpreting the incident or getting carried away by their anger.

Atlanta was one of many cities across the world that has held large protests in the wake of George Floyd‘s death on May 25. This is the 48th officer-involved shooting the GBI has investigated in this year.