Audient Sono jumps into the Needle In The Hay Prize Pool

With the time for entries now officially closed, the Needle In The Hay competition turns its attention toward the swag of prizes on offer. One that’s bound to pique the interest of guitarists and home-based producers is the inclusion of the Audient Sono audio interface.

This device is a two channel USB model and will do the job of a conventional audio interface just fine. What sets it apart is its guitar-centric capability, shipping with cabinet emulations from software gurus, Two Notes Audio Engineering.

Adding to the stack of prizes on offer in this year’s Needle in the Hay competition is the Audient Sono. Not just a regular interface, it has a host of features perfect for guitarists.

The Sono has the tools to take your productions to a new level of sophistication. It features two ultra-clean Audient preamps, but channel one also has a valve in the signal path, so you can add some vintage warmth and saturation to you guitar tone, or even a vocal performance.

When you activate the software, you can add an extra dimension to your tone by selecting a perfectly miked amp cabinet option.

The Audient Sono comes courtesy of our friends at Studio Connections.