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Hot Chips: The Fresh Tech Creator Series — Dan Frizza Shows Off Highest Spec In Recording

In Hot Chips: The Fresh Tech Creator Series 2, musician and producer Dan Frizza discussed Neve 88M’s portable audio recording across different spaces.

Just like the excitement those hot chip lovers get, we get excited about hot and fresh ideas. Neve has decided everyone should have access to their iconic sound, whether it be a home studio near the beach, or a vocal booth in a major recording studio getting ideas down while the other systems are being used.

To wax lyrical over the topic of fresh ideas in tech, we’ll be meeting up with creators in our new series Hot Chips. Last month we went over to Jonti’s home studio to see how he made the MSI Summit E16 Flip Evo – A13M, and this month we met up with Sydney based Musician, Producer and recording engineer Dan Frizza to see how he captures sound using the new Neve 88M interface.

Dan Frizza is one of Australia’s best recording and mixing engineers — often found working at the best recording studios across Australia — who’s also a musician and producer who has just dropped a track under the moniker Mittere. Making sure he captures a great performance at the highest quality is at the heart of what he does. Enter the game changing interface Neve 88M.

While most interfaces have every connection, extension, bell, whistle, etc, the Neve 88M does one incredible thing right: it’s got two channels from the iconic Neve 88R console, and it’s bus powered (meaning that a computer powers it).

neve interface

Packed with ‘that’ Neve in a portable USB-powered device, the Neve 88M is a 2-channel audio interface with ADAT in and out, making it a 10-input, 10-output audio interface made for those that don’t want compromise.

Bound in beautiful leather, like the Neve 88R (or 88RS) console it comes from, the unit features those classic Neve knobs to make even the most seasoned audio engineer feel right at home.

Rocking up at Dan’s home studio we were able to chat with him about how he starts the recording and production process with artist and his own music, and how some of those early ideas make their way into the final product. The Neve 88M has the ability to record in a comfortable, no pressure space, as well as getting the same sound you get in the world’s best recording studio.

best audio interface

Something not seen before in a smaller format is that each channel has an insert send and return. This is for inserting outboard gear into your recording chain — like a compressor or EQ — without having to use an outboard preamp as well.

Another feature of the Neve 88M is that it has Marinair transformers on the preamps — something of this calibre is rarely seen in smaller interfaces, again appealing to the audio engineer that records remote or from home.

On the front are the 2 combo inputs (mic/line/DI) and their controls, the headphone output and the monitor and headphone controls. On the back are the main monitor outputs, the send and return for each channel, the USB connection, the ADAT optical in and out, and a Kensington lock.

recording interface

With the advent of engineers and producers like Dan Frizza who use multiple locations, studios, and spaces, fresh tech like this is just what we need as that final piece of the puzzle in ‘how do we maintain quality in sound everywhere?’.

For more info on the Neve 88M, head over to Ams-neve.com