Hot Chips: The Fresh Tech Creator Series — Jonti Shows Off His Creative Workflow

For the 1st instalment of Hot Chips: The Fresh Tech Creator Series, we met up with musician and producer Jonti as he talked about reliability and portability in recording using his new MSI Summit series laptop.

Just like the excitement those hot chip lovers get, we get excited about hot ideas — well, fresh ideas. Musicians and creators alike should applaud tech  companies like MSI for realising that creativity is best when it flows freely.

To wax lyrical over this topic we’ll be meeting up with creators in our new series Hot Chips, where we explore Fresh Tech. First up we went over to Jonti’s home studio to see how he made the MSI Summit E16 Flip Evo – A13M the brain of his studio and how it captures all the small, yet important moments.

Jonti is an Australian music producer and musician who has had international success while being signed to Stones Throw Records as well as a touring member of The Avalanches. We’ve had Jonti in our studio to perform for us and show off some great new music gear, so we jumped at the chance for him to help show off great new tech!

It’s no surprise that Jonti uses Ableton Live — one of the leaders in the music production space which is only limited by the power of the computer you are using. Enter the MSI Summit E16 Flip Evo – A13M. MSI are known for their incredible gaming laptops that dominate the oversaturated market, and have just started a new series of laptops made for content creation and productivity.

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Part of Jonti’s creative workflow is to jam for hours, recording everything. This might not necessarily be somewhere where there’s access to power, so the long battery life on the MSI Summit E16 (10 hours) gives you the option of going remote and capturing ideas.

Jonti loves being surrounded by fresh tech — he’s a proud owner of an Echo Fix (a new company that has built fresh Roland Space Echo inspired units), and he’s always using the latest plugins offered in the world of music software.

We’re surrounded by touch screens, smart phones and tablets all with multiple gesture functions, that it seems odd we still mostly rely on a keyboard and mouse or trackpad in our workflow — but this laptop has both a 360º flip design so you can transform it into a tablet and an MSI Pen Touch Screen.

msi laptop

In the video you can see Jonti introducing this into his workflow as he zooms in on Ableton Live via the screen, rather than the old fashioned click and drag and whatever multitude of other buttons you need to push to do a simple function. A musician might go from recording a track, to zooming in and editing small moments, to flipping the laptop into a tablet and writing lyrics.

We’re looking forward to sharing what else is fresh in the world of tech and how it will push creativity to new heights.

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If you want to check out more on the MSI Content creation and productivity laptops head to their website Msi.com