AMS Neve launches new 1073 OPX preamp and audio interface

AMS Neve has recently launched their new 1073 OPX, an 8-channel preamp that can also be used as a standalone audio interface.

The new 1073 OPX comes at the 50th anniversary of the iconic Neve preamp, and delivers the iconic sound of the original.NEVE 1073 OPX

AMS Neve has just released the 1073 OPX, a stacked, 8-channel version of their legendary preamp which can also be used as an audio interface.

The only way to improve on the old Neve could be to stack it with new features, which is what AMS Neve has done here. The 1073 OPX packs 8 line or mic preamps into a single 2U-sized rack unit. AMS Neve has also added modern remote control software that allows you to recall presets at the touch of a button and control the unit from a different room.

The 1073 OPX can also be used as a standalone audio interface for your DAW; it comes with a pair of balanced monitor outs and a latency-free USB connection. The product is not cheap though, and to purchase it with an optional digital I/O card will cost $4295USD (or you can buy it for $3695USD without the card).

Neve preamps are legendary in the world of audio and have been used by everyone from The Beatles to Radiohead in large studio consoles. If you can afford it, an 8-input audio interface with one of the most iconic preamp sounds in the history of music is kind of unbeatable.

More info can be found on AMS Neve’s website or by watching the following demo: