Vintage Vibes in the Digital Age: AudioScape’s Plugin Duo

With the hardware space covered, AudioScape are now venturing into the software world.

AudioScape are a well loved brand in the audio hardware space, creating amazing replicas of classic circuitry for an affordable price, you’ll be hard pressed to find a modern studio without at least one of their units. In collaboration with Kiive Audio, they have ventured into the plugin space with two notable plugins: the XL-305R Equally Tempered Stereo Reverb Plugin and the Golden 58 Tube Preamp Plugin. These plugins capture the essence of classic analog hardware while offering digital convenience.

The XL-305R Equally Tempered Stereo Reverb Plugin is a digital recreation of the XL-305R Spring Reverb, based on the classic 1980s reverb tank. It features twelve equally-tempered springs, resulting in a musical and natural decay. The plugin includes input controls with signal overload LEDs, mix controls for wet/dry blending, and a 4-band EQ on each channel for precise tonal shaping. Additionally, Mono Drive and Mono Return options allow for flexible stereo image control and mono summing.

The Golden 58 Tube Preamp Plugin emulates the warmth and character of late 1950s tube technology, modelled after the limited-edition Golden 58 Stereo Tube Preamp. It features emulations of premium NOS tubes and input transformers, ensuring high fidelity. Users can benefit from +56dB gain per channel, a voice switch for vocals, and an Auto-Gain control for consistent output levels. The output trims provide further options for adding saturation, making the Golden 58 a versatile tool for achieving a classic tube preamp sound.

These plugins offer powerful tools for enhancing recordings with the timeless qualities of classic analog hardware, seamlessly integrating into modern digital workflows.

For only 149 USD you can pick both of these plugins up as a part of a bundle. Really great price for two incredibly useful tools.

Head over to the AudioScape Website to learn more and pick yourself up this awesome bundle!