Sound NSW delivers State of the Scene 2024 Report, paving the way for a 10-Year contemporary music strategy

We at Happy take live music pretty seriously, not only does it feed creativity and spread all round joy, but it creates a helluva lot of jobs.

Sound NSW has released its State of the Scene 2024 Report, shedding light on the sprawling social and economic landscape of the live music ecosystem in New South Wales.

Scroll down and read more about this very comprehensive evaluation, that details the immense economic clout of the live music industry, its workforce, and the myriad venues that pulse with live performances across the state.

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The analysis is backed by consultations with over 750 industry workers and more than 550 live music enthusiasts, offering a deep dive into the industry’s inner workings and audience demands. The key takeaways are staggering.

The NSW live music industry:

Employs a whopping 14,180 direct workers.

Generates a colossal economic output of $5.5 billion.

Boasts a value-add of $2.7 billion.

Hosts live music in 795 venues, including:

55 dedicated live music venues.

453 venues with regular, ongoing programming.

56 large-scale multipurpose venues.

231 venues offering live music as an ancillary attraction.

These insights aren’t just for show. Sound NSW is leveraging this data and stakeholder feedback to shape the future of the industry, with the development and implementation of a 10-year Contemporary Music Strategy set to drop later this year. This review aligns with the state’s arts, culture, and creative industries policy, Creative Communities.

Emily Collins, head of Sound NSW, stated, “The rich data and insights from the State of the Scene will help us better understand and support the live music ecosystem, providing an important benchmark for tracking the progress of contemporary music development in NSW.

“Sound NSW will soon deliver the state’s first-ever 10-year Contemporary Music Strategy. This strategy will set an ambitious vision for music in NSW, bringing a cohesive and coherent government approach to investing in and growing the sector.

“We have exceptional talent and infrastructure in NSW, and this report lays the foundation for us to build better relationships with the industry and partner on an exciting future for contemporary music.”

Head here to read the full report.