Remember Michael Hutchence of INXS through the newly emerged audio of his last ever performance

For INXS, this was their final show on an epic world tour promoting their LP Elegantly Wasted. Sadly it would be their last show with Michael Hutchence ever.

Just as the ARIAs approach Australian music is in the spotlight, and few are more iconic to Australian pop than INXS. Sadly the huge career of INXS and their frontman Michael Hutchence was cut short, after Hutchence was found dead in a hotel in Sydney in 1997.

In memory of INXS and their huge contribution to Australian music and indeed pop music at large, audio has arisen of their final concert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania just weeks before his devastating passing. There is sadly no video footage, but the whole concert is here to listen to in full.

Michael Hutchence

It’s a tragic thing to lose such an important figure in Australian music, but made easier when you know that audio such as this exists.

We think it’s pretty bloody special to be a part of such an important moment in history.

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