Balu Brigada turn up the existential grooves on ‘How It Would End’

Shimmering with synth-caked production, How It Would End is another indie pop anthem from NZ chillers, Balu Brigada.

Sibling duo Balu Brigada hail from Auckland, creating music together since they were 12 years old. They sharpened up their songwriting and production chops ’til Pierre hit 18, that lucky number that allowed them to perform in bars.

Since then, they’ve been dropping sparkling grooves for dance floors and the wine drunk, singing to the mirror moods. Their latest single, How It Would End, features production and a film clip created by Riley Coughlin of Garbage Records. Let’s explore the track and the matching apocalyptic video.

Balu Brigada

The music video depicts the brothers as detectives, chewing gum, collecting clues, and getting themselves into trouble. Not to mention an explosive twist ending. Classic high suspense, crime drama stuff.

When you pair the video with emotive weight of the single, the viewing experience becomes increasingly engaging.

“So you’re scratching the surface but you’re not even close, cuz the ones that invested, are the ones that you’re hurting the most”, Balu Brigada sings, as the dots begin to connect.

Sonically, the track features huge, hook-filled choruses, trippy synth tones, and a smooth, sultry beat, as the boys navigate lost love that was probably doomed from the start. There’s some impressive falsetto to catch, as well as an immersive synth wandering around from left to right in the bridge.

Similarly to the video, the lyrics offer no resolve, giving this upbeat tune a brooding undertone, much like a cut from The Weeknd.


How It Would End from Balu Brigada is out now.