Bask in Montage, a throbbing new jam from electronic indie outfit Bares

Like their name suggests, electronic indie outfit Bares rolls with transparent and fiercely authentic beats. Tackling tones of heartbreak and confusion, newest single Montage adds some empowering female energy to the music sphere.

After releasing their self-titled debut EP just last year, Bares are striking hot with their latest track. Danceable, throbbing and unashamedly vulnerable, Montage captures the essence of the all-female ensemble.


Transparent in its vulnerability and danceable for days, Montage by Bares is a glossy track that uncorks feelings of abandonment and heartbreak.

Produced by Renee Stein, the song traces the gentle last moments of a love with feelings of confusion, regret and heartbreak a plenty. Driving electric guitar and syncopated sub bass build up to a sense of release with Ella’s stirring vocals.

On the track, Bares say, “Sometimes the drowned-out thud of your heartbeat echoing through your bones is the only reminder you have that you’re still alive when you feel like everything else is crashing down.”

Fearless in the feat of expressing emotion, a tender story emerges from under a warm synthetic organ. Montage is multi-layered and almost false positive in its mood, with lyrics revealing the pain behind a glittery house beat.

“This quiet space is all that’s holding us. Everything will change when we get in our separate cars and drive away. The sky behind us turning dusk. But in this moment, I’m still yours ‘cause right now we’re on pause.”

It is this assertiveness to show strength through feeling that gives the tune oozles of charm. Bares never shy away from exploring the human experience and strive to connect with audiences with this honesty. Montage marks a sonic shift in tone and texture, delivering us a funk-filled story of heartbreak.