BASS proves the true poignancy of a love song on new single ‘Reassurance’

“You think that there is something wrong,” BASS coos on her new single Reassurance, “don’t worry, I’ll be there in the morning.” 

BASS has delivered a heartfelt love letter on Reassurance, an indie rock gem that serves as the Melbourne musician’s latest single.

Opening with the tranquillity of sampled nature sounds, the track forefronts warm acoustic guitar strums, which form a melody so soothing it recalls a soft-spoken lullaby. The true beauty of this track lies in its simplicity.

BASS single 'Reassurance'

Coasting on sparse guitar licks and the subtle chirp of windblown birds, Reassurance does away with ostentation in favour of blissful blissful and leisurely atmospherics.

Later, BASS adds further texture to the track with airy layered backing harmonies, so ascendent they might touch the heavens, and later introduces a more brooding bassline.

Save for these few simple yet enrapturing flairs, Reassurance relies on the pure ambience of its production to situate listeners squarely in a hidden woodland escape.

BASS single 'Reassurance'

To sketch such vivid imagery through instrumentation is no small feat, but the track later transitions from its tender beginnings into something more commanding, with the onset of punchy percussion and screechy electric guitar. 

Flitting between staple singer-songwriter qualities to soft indie rock, BASS showcases her versatility, and allows Reassurance to remain consistently engaging.

The backing vocal riffs and extended ahhh’s can only be described angelic, and the result makes Reassurance feel like something of a sonic reverie.

BASS single 'Reassurance'

While the soundscape is itself enough to paint a vivid portrait, BASS doubles down on Reassurance’s beauty with equally warm-hearted lyricism. 

Written as a love letter, the track sees BASS remind her partner of their inherent worth and beauty, with mentions of their “prettiest smile” and how they’re “all in the world that’s fair.”

The intimacy that courses through these images makes Reassurance feel as though it was lifted from BASS very own diary, and it’s enough to bring a tear to your eye. 

BASS single 'Reassurance'

“I hope other people can relate to it and let it help them,” BASS explained in a press statement. “Sometimes everyone needs some reassurance.”

Rarely do you find such vulnerability and inherent sweetness in a genre like indie rock, yet BASS makes a convincing case for the true poignancy of a love song.

Have a welcome dose of romance with BASS’ new single Reassurance below.