Not one to sugar coat: Britney Spears took to socials to share what it’s like to be single

In a candid post dropped yesterday, Britney let her guard down, confessing, “It’s so weird being single”

Britney Spears finds herself in the aftermath of her brief marriage to Sam Asghari, with the couple parting ways after just 14 months in August 2022.

Reflecting on her current status as a single woman, the pop icon took to social media to share her introspective thoughts on the matter.

A happy Britney with her long-term boyfriend and recent fiancé, Sam Asghari
Image: Billboard

In a candid post shared recently, Spears delves into the complexities of her newfound single status, expressing, “It’s so weird being single.”

The glimpse into her emotions suggests a sincere exploration of the adjustments accompanying her current relationship status.

As Britney opens up about her journey, she exposes vulnerabilities and admits to a significant period of self-reflection. “I’ve had a lot of time to really look back with all the good and bad. I’ve realized I don’t talk to myself that nicely at all … I’m easily manipulated, and I wear my heart on my sleeve … But I’m definitely changing all that,” she reveals, showcasing a commitment to personal growth.


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The pop sensation, who shared a seven-year journey with Asghari, acknowledges the challenges of the single life, confessing to feeling “honestly bored” from the routine of daily life.

Despite this, Britney asserts her pride in her life, stating, “The way I live my life is mine,” and adding, “I’ve had so many people interfere with that … But to know it’s ok to be selfish with my life and enjoy it is amazing !!!”

As Britney Spears navigates the uncharted waters of singlehood, her social media post serves as a poignant narrative of self-discovery and resilience.

Far from portraying herself as a victim of circumstance, Spears emerges as an empowered individual, embracing the opportunity for personal growth and enjoying the freedom to craft her own narrative.