Be entranced by the downtempo sounds of Melbourne electronic duo LIR

Be entranced by the downtempo sounds of electronic duo LIR

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There’s nothing worse than when people try to rush things. One time, I thought it would be a good idea to give myself a quick hair cut before a night out (no, I’m not a hairdresser), and let’s just say that the results were less than desirable. Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about my hair for the entirety of this piece (but if you were concerned about the outcome, my hair is better than ever now after my lovely hairdresser’s lecture about not hacking at it with kitchen scissors).

But the same goes for music, there’s nothing worse than when musicians are a tad bit too keen to release their wonderful new sounds to the world. They generally end up sounding messy, unfinished and rushed, and honestly, just pretty shit. Thankfully, there are people who actually take their time and use their brains, which is exactly what Melbourne’s LIR has done.

LIR intro

Sometimes there no need to rush an idea before it’s fully formed. This is why the lush, downtempo sounds of Melbourne electronic duo LIR are so bang on.

Made up of Liron Tru and Luke Manton, the duo met in Melbourne about 10 years ago, automatically knowing they wanted to make music together. With both wanting to explore and learn more about themselves musically, they collaborated with other musicians and on separate projects, until after a few years, LIR was eventually born.

With the duo writing and producing their tunes on the road between Melbourne and Tel Aviv in Israel, Manton explained that when they tackle a new track, either Tru will come up with the song on a guitar or piano or he will come up with a beat, then they will work together from here to form different sounds and melodies. He told Happy “When our ears finally melt, we know we got it”….ahhh, isn’t that one of life’s most satisfying feelings!

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Taking influence from growing up in families with a strong love for music, LIR describes their music as having a down tempo electronic sound, which is beautifully displayed in their first single Chasing. Released in May this year, Chasing delivers a smooth, soft and eerie sound that can make your mind float away and put you in a two and a half minute trance.

There are no give aways that this is their debut single, and is the perfect introduction of their talent. The track was produced and recorded at their home studio, where they are currently working on an album that will be released as two EPs; with the first one hopefully ready to drop by September. Once that EP is released, there will be no rest for this duo, who will start rehearsals for live shows, and finish and release the second EP next year. So be sure to keep an eye out for LIR, there will most certainly be big things coming from these guys in the not so distant future!